Services Offered By A Locksmith In Boynton Beach FL

Whether you have locked yourself out of your home, car or business our Emergency Locksmith In Boynton Beach FL can help. We offer a wide range of services to meet all your lock and key needs!

We offer Time Locks that do not require a key. These are great for preventing robberies and give you peace of mind knowing that someone cannot enter your home without your permission.


If you are looking for a locksmith in Boynton Beach FL to handle your residential lock and key needs, look no further than the professionals at Town Center Locksmith Shop. We offer a wide array of services that include everything from installing simple locks to delivering impenetrable locking solutions and fortifying your business or home security with cutting-edge technology.

We also provide an array of other locksmith services that are sure to make your home more secure. One of the most useful is adding a time lock to your safe, which allows you to open it without the need for a key during certain times. This is a great way to keep your valuables out of the hands of thieves.

We are proud to serve Boynton Beach and its surrounding communities, with a team of highly trained and certified technicians. Contact us today for a free quote! You won’t be disappointed. We have been serving our customers for over 29 years, and are dedicated to providing the best locksmith services in the area.


Every business needs quality commercial locksmith services. Your office houses expensive merchandise and important data that must be protected from any potential threats. In the event of any lock or key issues, you can always call a reliable Boynton Beach FL locksmith and get them to come out and help you solve the problem.

The best commercial locksmiths in the Boynton Beach area can also provide you with various security solutions that will keep your business safe and sound. These solutions include access control systems that can limit who can enter your building at certain times and what they can do. They can also install high security locks that make it tough for burglars to break in.

A locksmith can also rekey your locks and change the pins that hold your keys in place, which makes it difficult for anyone else to gain entry into your home. They can also repair or replace your commercial security locks, such as push bars, deadbolts and high security medeco locks.


There are many automotive services a locksmith can offer, from lock change to ignition replacement. A professional can also help you in an emergency situation when you need to unlock your car, truck or van without damage. They will also install a safe or a security system if you’re worried about burglaries or thefts.

Boynton Beach FL is a highly desirable place to live and work, but with 3,057 burglaries and robberies reported last year alone, property crime is on the rise in this area. If you’re looking to protect your property and loved ones, you’ll want to consider installing a secure lock system on all of the exterior doors of your building. You can do this by hiring a local Florida locksmith to install high-quality locks. They can even help you restrict access to offices, warehouses and store closets, as well as re-key locks. They are available 24/7 to help you out with any locksmith or home security need.


At times, all it takes is a little help from a professional and qualified locksmith in Boynton Beach FL to get you out of a tricky situation. You may have locked your keys in your car, lost your house keys or had someone break into your business and steal your valuables. If you need assistance with emergency locksmith situations, call our local experts today and we will send a professional locksmith to your location right away.

As a business owner, you must do everything you can to keep your employees and company’s property safe from intruders. You can do this by installing locks on the exterior doors of your building and restricting access to offices, warehouses and store closets. All of this can be done by hiring an experienced commercial locksmith. Whether you need a small lock installed or you need a new high security medeco locking system, Boynton Beach Lock And Key can provide you with the entire spectrum of commercial locksmith services.